Mathematical Experiments

January 12, 2015
Tour - "True and to the Point" - for the Cultural Rucksack Oppland
Senior Lecturer at the University of Oslo, Roger Antonsen, is an award winning provider of mathematics.

He communicates with words and images a subject normally associated with figures, showing how mathematics is about understanding the world, and invites everyone to see mathematics as a creative and beautiful.

For how to tie shoelaces as a mathematician?
And what does juggling have to do with mathematics?

Roger Antonsen is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, where he teaches, researches and leads the student laboratory Open Zone for Experimental Informatics. He completed his doctorate in Logic in 2008 and has since then worked actively with the communication of science. He is the project manager for Maker Faire Oslo and got The University Press Text Book Prize in 2013 for "Logical methods: The Art of Thinking Abstractly and Mathematically" (in Norwegian).

This talk is about how you can experiment with mathematics and why mathematics is one of the most creative activities there are. Here you will get to hear about what mathematics has to do with juggling, origami, art, Rubik's cube, roller coasters, chaos, games, and simulations of natural phenomena.

Lillehammer High School, department Mesna

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Hadeland High School, Gran

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Raufoss High School, Vestre Toten

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Lena High School, Østre Toten

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Valle High School, Østre Toten

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Gjøvik High School, department prison

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Gjøvik High School, Gjøvik

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Lillehammer High School, department Nord

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Lillehammer High School, department Sør

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Gausdal High School, Gausdal

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Lillehammer Learning, Lillehammer

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Vinstra High School, Nord-Fron

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Nord-Gudbrandsdal High School, department Lom, Lom

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Dokka High School, Nordre land

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Valdres High School, Nord-Aurdal

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