Mathematical Experiments

November 3, 2014
Tour for the Cultural Rucksack Akershus

"This author visit is about how you can experiment with mathematical and why mathematics is one of the most creative activities there is. Here you will get to hear about what mathematics has to do with juggling, origami, art, Rubik's cube, roller coasters, chaos, games, and simulations of natural phenomena. And what choices does the author make when he writes about this in book form. The book is aimed at adults and is interesting for teachers and students to know about. But when Roger Antonsen visits your school, he will obviously talk so that students understand at their level."

The Curriculuar Council (Faglig råd) in DKS in Akershus has recommended this production.

Justification for the choice of production:

Mathematics is important in order to meet future challenges. Our society needs people with knowledge and skills in the natural sciences mathematics, physics, and chemistry. And we need non-fiction writers who can communicate by writing and showing, and thus create excitment for mMathematics that is much more than numbers!
The Cultural Rucksack Akershus

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