Welcome to my home page. If you are interested in what I do, have a look around. I am currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, California; otherwise I am an associate professor in computer science at the University of Oslo in Norway. [read more →]


I enjoy giving inspiring and entertaining talks within a wide variety of topics, ranging from mathematics and computer science to philosophy and art, where I try to challenge the audience to question their perspectives and think differently. [read more →]


I teach mathematics and computer science at the University of Oslo in Norway, with an emphasis on the course Logical Methods. [read more →]


My academic interests are mainly logical calculi, proof theory, mathematical logic, complexity theory, automata, combinatorics, and the philosophy of mathematics. [read more →]


Read about my books: Logical Methods: The Art of Thinking Abstractly and Mathematically, The University Press (2014, in Norwegian). [read more →]


Here are some sketches and experiments, more or less artistic, that I have made. I enjoy making things that have mathematical content and that are satisfiable to watch. [read more →]